Kaley Blackstock AB ’10, MArch ’15

Kaley Blackstock is an Environmental Designer in the New York office for Atelier Ten, a leading international environmental design firm consulting in green building design and sustainable land use development. Her recent projects include sustainable masterplanning guidelines, benchmarking management and environmental design strategies for architects, developers and academic institutions. In addition to design consulting, Kaley’s project work also focuses on optimizing workflows, particularly in the research, selection and procurement of sustainable building products. In working with clients, she advises on the development of procurement practices that focus on the disclosure of chemical ingredients in products and transparency in the manufacturing processes. Additionally, she works closely with design teams and contractors to develop material databases and to strategize product information management.

Kaley graduated from the Harvard College in 2010 with a B.A. in History of Art and Architecture, and from the Graduate School of Design in 2015 with a Master of Architecture. At the GSD, she often enrolled in courses on environmental design strategies and simulation tools. Her thesis, titled “Fitness” and advised by Kiel Moe, was a theoretical form that explored the synergies between one’s environment, architectural setting, and the body’s thermoregulatory abilities.