Ralph Graham, III MArch '78

Reggie Graham is the founder of Maharger Development Company, which purchases, designs, builds, leases, and manages its own urban properties. Reggie’s signature aesthetic is his deep appreciation for the structural bones and forms of historical buildings. His company’s first acquisition was a “flatiron” shaped edifice built in 1918 at the east end of downtown Dallas. Maharger gradually assimilated more property and began to unite the east end, which began as ‘Automobile Row,’ a miscellany of automobile dealers, repair shops, and gas stations in the 1920s and 30s. The aggregated real estate is currently comprised of seventeen buildings encompassing over 4.1 contiguous acres of land. Without his efforts, these properties were being allowed to decay would have been ultimately razed for new construction. Through these efforts, a group of abandoned 100-year old buildings have been built into a creative community for high tech, advertising, and design companies.   Graham’s specialty is utilizing and integrating the creative alloy that occurs when older structures are adapted to modern needs and uses. These renovations retain the character of the original architecture and reveal the craftsmanship of the original construction while juxtaposing modern materials, details, and views to these vintage structures.  New spatial relationships are formed and create an entirely contemporary ambiance without sanitizing the history of vintage buildings.  Reggie has attracted critical praise including the Renaissance Award from Dallas for his urban design.  Mr. Graham has been part of the Real Estate Academic Initiative (REAI) at Harvard since its inception and a board member for four years. His academic background includes degrees in literature, theology, and architecture, unusual if not unique in the world of real estate development.